The average graduate employee is paid


for 9 months of work at the University of Oregon

80% of GEs

do not make a living wage

UO has

1451 GEs

In 2019

President Michael Schill
will be paid


equivalent to 45 GEs


Executive Administrators
will be paid


Equivalent to 579 GEs

GEs made up


of all expenses in 2018

GTFF's proposed contract would increase UO's budget by


(based on a 3% pay raise and no cuts to healthcare w/ 5% premium increase)

UO's proposed contract would decrease UO's budget by


(based on a 2% pay raise, healthcare contribution decreases, and fee increases)

After necessary expenses

GEs scrape by to barely break even

UO's proposed contract

would put GEs


in debt, annually

GEs with children are already


short of paying basic expenses

UO's Contract would make families take on


in debt, annually

UO's contract

punishes graduate employees earning poverty wages.

to pad the salaries of its adminstrators

Tell UO it's time for a fair contract

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